Victoria Beckham Beauty Secrets -
bird droppings and more!

Are you ready for some Victoria Beckham beauty secrets?

OK, then, here we go...the first, and most interesting, tip reminds me of the John Keats poem "Ode to a Nightingale". This is because Victoria gets Japanese Nightingale bird dropping facials! Yes, you heard that right.

The droppings from a nightingale known as the Japanese bush werbler is said to lighten and exfoliate the skin. The bird poop is dried by UV light to kill all germs, then crushed to a powder and sold as a beauty treatment.

Many top spas use this secret ingredient and charge close to $200 for the facial!

The japanese name for this powder is: Uguisu No Fun. Uguisu is the japanese word for the werbler (or nightingale) bird. The 'no "fun'' - well, it is appropriately translated to feces, or droppings.

This Victoria Beckham beauty secret is also referred to as the "Geisha facial" as it has been used for centuries by Geisha girls and Kabuki actors to remove that heavy lead-laden white makeup and also whiten the skin. This must be some heavy-duty stuff!

Now, I must admit...I was so intrigued I ordered a bottle of Uguiso No Fun myself from Japan. I am currently trying to locate an easier way to get it and will keep you posted! I will also let you know my review of the product once I receive it.

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I never thought I'd be thinking, "I can't wait til my bird poop gets here!"...but I am! Oh, and this product was actually featured on Oprah, as you know it must be good.

Now, next up on Victoria Beckham's beauty secrets is one you may have already read about on this site under Jessica Simpson's beauty tips . It is Scott Barne's Body Bling . According to Elle Magazine, Ms. Beckham said that before a night on the town she rubs it on her upper chest for a great glow.

Also in Elle, she reports her favorite skin cleanser as being Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser. She said that she dabs Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream on her lashes to bring them out more. I'm assuming she means prior to mascara?

I will soon be writing a review of another product I love that REALLY brings out lashes (I will blog about it when done so, again, be sure to subscribe to my blog feed above in the left nav bar). Victoria uses Mac eyeliner in Ebony for the smoky-eyed look (gotta love Mac products!).

And, just like J.Lo, she loves the Body Shop Body Butter.

She also uses Bliss Foot Lotion and Bliss Hand Cream. She rubs them into her hands and feet and wears socks and gloves to bed with hubby, David (lucky girl!).

(Of course, having a cute husband might be the best Victoria Beckham beauty secret there is! Nothing like a good man to give you a beautiful glow.)

If you want a more natural alternative to Victoria's hand and foot treatment check out the great tip a reader sent in HERE using coconut oil. (It's a great beauty tip and I personally think the plastic bags work better than just socks and gloves alone.)

Folica Top 10 Brushes For her signature straight, short hair cuts, Victoria Beckham beauty secrets swear by GHD Flat Irons. ( Jennifer Lopez , Gwenyth Paltrow, and other celebrities also endorse GHD Flat Irons.)

Also, after taking a shower she does a cold rinse to tighten body skin and add shine to hair. (I do this, too, when I can bare it - as I've always heard it is good for you for not only the skin and hair benefits but to help your lymphatic drainage system and circulation.)

Lastly, of course, Victoria has her own line of fragrances and fashion. I read a description of her fragrance and it sounds yummy as I love fruity undertones.

Have you tried any of her products? Have you tried any Victoria Beckham beauty secrets? Let me know using the Contact Us tab.

As you can see, Mrs. Beckham is indeed serious about her beauty and isn't afraid to try something that others might find crazy - I admire that!

And, hey, nightingale droppings ARE all-natural, n'est-ce pas?!

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Don't cry, little's good for you! I'll be doing that, too, as soon as my shipment arrives. And, look, you didn't even have to pay for it! Oh, wait, that's a pigeon not a nightingale...uh, never mind... Go ask Mommy for a wet-wipe...

Oh, wait, remember that is actually good luck! So, you see?... all is well, after all...It's all how you look at it!

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