Paris Hilton Beauty Secrets – The Inside Story

What are Paris Hilton beauty secrets? Well, celebutante socialite Paris has never had many guarded secrets in her life. She has been at the center of many controversies from the first day she came into the limelight. Each aspect of her life, whether it be her inheritance of the multi-billion Hilton Hotel chain or her jet-setting lifestyle or the influx and exodus of many men in her life. She has been too public to leave any scope of privacy for her. Paris Hilton beauty secrets seem to be one such page from the open book of her life.

Paris Hilton beauty secrets are not so much about eating low calorie food and working out with weights to preserve her svelte frame as they are about her personal styling. With butt-baring jeans, mini skirts, plunging tops and sky-high stilettos to characterize her dressing sense, she has been scathingly criticized by many fashion gurus in the past. Her color sense has been pronounced as too loud and her choice of leather rather distasteful. In fact, she appeared as the number one entry in Blackwell’s list of worst dressed celebrities in 2005 (“So many tacky trends, so little time”).

Amazingly, however, Paris Hilton has been a style diva in her own right. Her hairstyles and make-up tricks have won her a huge fan following among the youngsters who are dying to know more about Paris Hilton beauty secrets and styling. Paris Hilton is definitely a bottle blond but it goes without saying that she considers her golden traces her biggest asset and styles them to her advantage. Paris has sported different looks with different haircuts/dos in the past – bob cut, long straight hair, pixie cuts. Given the closeness that she shares with many top celebrity hairstylists, she has always managed to suit the glam doll image.

This past year, however, shows Paris Hilton in a new Avatar. The Simple Life star has don an elegant, sophisticated look. It is quite likely that as a grown-up human being she is tired of all the glare and attention, which she once enjoyed as a girl. The increasing lengths of her skirts, her choice of soft/muted shades, her sassy yet neat short hairstyle – have all joined hands to fetch her approval in the fashion-circle.

We here provide some outlines on her latest stunning hairdo as well as on her make-up for those smitten with the young socialite’s looks and desperate to emulate Paris Hilton beauty secrets and styling.

In a recent gathering, Paris Hilton was spotted sporting a chic party look with her hair done neatly into a French braid at the back of her head. An essentially adorned hairstyle, Paris’s short braided style is very trendy and classy. Fitting for all hair colors, lengths and textures, it will look nice on any face.

Paris Hilton’s short braided hairstyle is a perfect style for weddings, proms or other party events. No matter what length your hair is – create a French braid with your own tresses if you have long hair or pin an add-on braid into the hair and frame the back of your head. For further beautification, use some diamante hair clips, flower hairpins or satin bands. A slight backcombing of the front fringe will add to your comely appearance.

Paris Hilton makes use of make-up to further highlight her bony features. Paris concentrates on her eyes most. (She is by no means a blue-eyed beauty; her eyes are actually dark green and she wears colored contact lenses). To heighten the beauty of her eyes, Paris uses shimmering eye shadows in shades of pale pink and bronze. A charcoal shade on the eye crease, a white shadow on the brow bone, eye defining lines with black liquid eyeliner and some mascara brushings complete her eye make-up.

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