Oiling Hair (the secret to long, strong, & healthy hair)

by Alexis
(Winnipeg, MB, Canada)

Oiling Hair

Oiling Hair

This is an amazing beauty secret that has originated in India and Asia and has moved toward the U.S and Canada. Me, being a caucasian with many indian friends decided to explore what beautiful hair really is. My indian friend shared this secret with me and now I am hooked. No matter what your race, beautiful hair is easily achieved with this secret.

Find an oil that is right for your hair type; Almond for normal hair, Coconut for dry and damaged hair, Jojoba for oily hair. There is a wide variety of oils with many benefits. When you find the correct oil, if it is pure (without anything inside it) add 20-30 drops of an essential oil like peppermint oil or some herbs such as garger or henna. Most commercial oils already have herbs inside the oil so don't worry about it.

Steps to gorgeous hair!

1. Heat the oil in a small glass bowl for 10-15 seconds in the microwave
2. Massage oil in palms
3. Rub circular motions into scalp and hair, saturate all of the hair and scalp
4. Put a hot towl or steam the hair (optional)
5. Sleep with oil overnight and hold oil in hair for as long as possible
6. Wash oil out of hair with a gentle shampoo or a homemade shampoo mixture
7. Enjoy the renewed shine and health brough back into your hair by oiling

This procedure is simple and it really improves the health of your hair! Try it and you will see an improvement!


Great beauty secret, Alexis! I do this for my own hair using coconut oil. Be sure to check out the coconut oil page under the Natural Beauty Tips tab - you'll see I'm a big fan of coconut oil! Thanks again, and keep those beauty tips coming! - LD

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