My favorite secret for
long and thick eyelashes

by L's Mom
(United States)

Hi, my favorite thick eyelashes secret is a product called ORIGINS Underwear for Lashes. It is what is called an eyelash primer.

From the first time I tried it, I was hooked. Now I cannot do my eye makeup without it! I used to use 2-3 layers of mascara and NEVER got the length and thickness I do with using the ORIGINS Underwear for Lashes first and then one coat of my regular black mascara (which I admit is actually a dollar-store brand!).

The ORIGINS Underwear for Lashes is a little pricey but this stuff is amazing! I guess that is why I can use it with mascara that only costs a dollar! It looks like I'm wearing false eyelashes when I'm done.

The only tip I would give is that since it goes on white, only apply one thin coat so that you barely see it. You don't want to use so much that you can't even cover it up after two coats of mascara. It really does its job with just one coat.

Thanks for letting me share my favorite beauty product secret for long and thick lashes.

L's Mom
United States

Thanks, L's Mom...I use the same eyelash primer and LOVE it! I'll be soon blogging about another great primer for facial stay tuned...this product is also a must-have when it comes to primers.

Has anyone else tried Origins Underwear for Lashes? Or, have you tried another primer you like -- maybe a less expensive one?

Let us know -- we look forward to your comments!

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