My AMAZING lip plumping routine

by Amelia

After a few years of trying countless lip plumpers from drug stores, I realized that with thirty bucks- I can literally give myself angelina jolie lips.

*please note that this can be pretty painful at first, but completely worth it. My routine gives me and my friends amazing results.


Pepha-Tight : I use the cheap DIY kind. Basically what this stuff does is give you a lip lift. A lip lift is a cosmetic surgery where a portion of skin is cut from the skin between your nose and upper lip. After the surgery, your top lip is pulled up so it becomes bigger. Pepha tight tightens skin like crazy! I'm not sure it's FDA approved and can be unsafe if you use too much. It tightens your skin unbelievably. (I used to be self conscious about my cleft chin, so I put this stuff on my chin and it pulled the skin so much that the chin dimple wasn't noticeable anymore! I also use it on my tummy!) Anyway I use the pepha tight on my upper lip (where a moustache goes) because it pulls the top lip up.

an old toothbrush : I use this to scrub my lips so that the other ingredients can soak in more.

Vaseline/aquaphor/lots of chapstick/carmex : I use any of these to prevent cracking of the lips. It's also pretty soothing.

cinnamon- causes imflammation of the lips.

ground pepper (I use cayen pepper but any pepper from your cabinet will do)- causes more imflammation of the lips.

Ice- helps to numb the pain, and causes even more plumping!

lip liner- if you draw the line a little outside the lipline, you'll look like you have bigger lips.


1. scrub lips with a toothbrush until they are almost raw. (NOT painfully)

2. put a thin coat of vaseline (or anything listed above) on the lips.

3. put some cinnamon on your lips with a q-tip.

4. put some ground pepper on also.

5. wait for 3 or 4 minutes. (I usually wait for a song)

6. wip off the pepper with cold water and a washcloth.

7. put more vaseline. (LOTS this time)

8. hold ice on lips for 5 minutes.

9. put lip liner on in a line a LITTLE outside your natural lip line (make it look natural by keeping it close to your real lip line- no clown makeup)


the first time I did this it hurt. But it wasn't terrible- it felt only a bit worse than your everyday lip plumper. by the 3rd time, it's only a little uncomfortable.
Do not kiss anyone or lick your own lips after doing this. It tastes gross!

but I'm so glad I started this little routine! It's done wonders for me!

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Oct 16, 2012
good tips
by: Anonymous

I've never heard of that stuff you mentioned but will look for it. I'm new 2 lip plumping so this was helpful 2 me. Thanks!!

Sep 02, 2012
been there done that
by: Anonymous

im sorry but most of the things u said r coommon know ledge:(

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