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Okay, so are you thinking, "What does making money from home have to do with beauty secrets?!" Well, being successful in a field you love and making your own hours in the privacy of your own home is a sure-fire way to make yourself feel beautiful – inside and out! I know it works for me! ;-) Since this site is about TOTAL beauty, I felt it was important to add a page with a few secrets on making money from home! When you have extra cash in your bank account, you feel more secure, walk taller, and smile a lot more…all making you look and feel more attractive!

Also, if you want to try some of the expensive beauty treatments or LOVE spending days at the spa like I do, then it certainly helps to have the cash to spoil yourself…and you deserve it! Now, don’t be fooled into the ‘get rich overnight’ have to put some work into anything to make it successful and that is no secret! However, I truly believe in WORKING SMART instead of working hard (which is what most folks do)! And, you CAN make a good amount of money working from home doing something you enjoy in a shorter amount of time than you probably thought possible.

The first company I would like to share with you is the one that helped me to create this site. They are called Site Build It (or SBI, for short). I was a complete newbie when I started this site and they helped me (and continue to help me) step-by-step! After the birth of my son, I WANTED DESPERATELY TO BE A STAY HOME MOM -- NOW I AM!!


The more you learn with them, the more you realize the unlimited money-making potential! They’ve helped so many people achieve their dreams of financial freedom and making money from home as you will see by the testimonials on their website. They help you to take your passion (whether it’s beauty, travel, pets, whatever) and turn that into your own money-making online business.

What's amazing is the cost to you is LESS THAN A DOLLAR A DAY and they have FREE TRIAL PERIOD so you have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN! And, you don’t even have to sell any products if you don’t want to. They even now teach SBI courses in some of the leading colleges! Some of these students leave the class already making money from home before they finish the class.

I hope you will take a minute to watch the video, then START YOUR FREE TRIAL by clicking here: MAKE MONEY FROM HOME WITH SBI!

Or, if you are not ready for the free trial and just want to learn about building your own site, sign up for the FREE TOTAL BEAUTY SECRETS EZINE and you will be sent a link to download my free gift to you--an ebook called: "WAHM-IT!, The Masters Course". This book was written by four very successful SBI site owners who are all Work-at-Home-Moms (WAHMs). This book of free education on making money from home is my gift to you for subscribing to the eZine and being a faithful reader. Sign up here:

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I also received a nice little paycheck each month from a mystery shopping company simply for mailing in coupons that I receive from the grocery store and the Sunday newspaper that is delivered to my home (which they pay for!). This little side gig making money at home pays my utility bill each month and it only takes me about 5 minutes a week! Often they call me to go check out a movie and they even pay for the popcorn!

There are many "mystery shopper" companies that pay you to go shopping, eat at restaurants, go watch movies, take surveys, and be a part of focus groups. My suggestion is to do a thorough search online for legitimate companies. Be wary of companies that are just trying to sell you a list of mystery shopper companies. With a little legwork you can do this for yourself. (Just my two cents. ;-))

Maybe you've always wanted to try selling on or other auction sites? You never know how much money you can make just with the items sitting in your attic, garage, or basement collecting dust!

The other way I make some great quick and easy cash is to work with local consignment stores. You just drop off your used, good-condition clothes, jewelry, or household items and they sell them for you. They keep record of your items and you get a percentage (or store credit) for whatever is sold.

Most consignment stores give items that are not sold after a certain time to charity or you can take the items back. You will need to call your local consignment stores to see how they work. I love doing this because I can keep my house clean, make some side money, AND donate to charity all with the same project! I could devote a whole site on ways for making money from home. However, I am just dedicating one page since it is just a part of one’s total beauty secrets.

The other links on this page are some more ideas to get your creative juices flowing or maybe one of these programs will be the right fit for you for making money from home. Most usually come with a money-back guarantee or a trial period...but be sure they do! (I believe you should only purchase those that do…I always have!)

If you know of any other ways to make money from home and live your beautiful dream of financial freedom, feel free to write in using the form on the "YOUR Beauty Tips" and you may end up with your own page on this site!

To your beautiful success!

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