De-Puff My Face in the Morning

by Robin W.
(Pittsburgh PA 15221)

My name is Robin W. I live in Pittsburgh PA. My favorite beauty treatment is a product I found at the Dollar Store. I use the hemorrhoid gel that says it it the cooling kind, the one that has clear cooling agent in it.

In the morning or when I have a late night out, I pat a very little bit under my eyes and around my slight lines between the nose and mouth area.

I mix it with my favorite moisturizer and apply lightly also right under my jawline and a bit on my neck. It tightens the skin immediately and then I put makeup on and my skin is glowing and nice and cool.

I am 57 and I always get compliments saying I look about 40. I am including a recent picture. I would love to have a beauty page. I have many secrets to share.

WOW! You do look amazing, Robin! You actually have a beauty tip in common with P. Diddy as he reportedly uses Preparation H on his eye area to de-"puff", as well. ;-) (See his tip under the Celebrity Beauty Tips tab.) Please send in any other secrets you have and I will post them as quickly as I can. I'm sure we all can benefit from your beauty tips -- keep 'em coming! - LD

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