Coconut oil and coconut water for health and beauty--
nature's perfect 'nut'!

The coconut. It provides not only delicious sweet meat but coconut oil and coconut water...two of my favorite beauty secrets. I'm constanting finding that nature provides some pretty amazing, all-natural food AND skin care producs all in one. Coconuts, are one such creation. The oil and water from this humble 'nut' are way more beneficial then we were once led to believe they were cracked up to be. Let's start with the oil.


What are the benefits of the oil from a coconut, you ask, and how can you use it? Well, you can use it for skin care, hair care, weight loss, recipes, acne, diabetes, a detox, dogs, and more! Yes, it's all possible! I've been reading so much about this wonder food and beauty secret and use it myself with great results.

Because I love natural products, I've always said that I want to put things on my skin that I also don't mind putting in my mouth. Well, with coconut oil, I do just that! I consume 2-3 TBSPs a day and I also slather it on my skin, hair, and lips. Coconut oil has long been known as a beauty secret in many parts of the world and it is finally reclaiming its due respect here in the states. I'm so impressed with this luxurious oil that I had to write an entire page to praise its virtues. To name more than just a few of its benefits:

- Pure coconut oil is the second most abudant source of lauric acid found in nature -- mother's milk is the first!

- It aids in the health of your skin and fights signs of aging.

- It is the BEST oil to cook with since it retains its stability in high heat. It's the ONLY oil I cook with now. Plus, it has NO TRANS-FATS!

- Recommended by many well-respected doctors and said to promote heart health, a strong immune system, and proper functioning of the thyroid gland!! (My THS level went down from 2.7 to 1.4 after just 2 months of adding this oil to my diet.)

- As if all of the above was not great enough, this oil encourages WEIGHT LOSS and a healthy metabolism! Many people incorporate coconut oil into their diet for successful weight loss. I've definitely lost 5 lbs since using it and was not even trying! (It still seems so incredible to me that an oil can actually help you lose weight - this goes against what we usually hear about oils and fat - but coconut oil is a GOOD fat!)

Funny fact: Did you know that 'coco' means 'monkey face' in Spanish and Portugese? Since the three dark indents in the coconut look like eyes and a nose and combined with the hairy brown surface of a mature coconut - you can see how the coconut got its name. :)

I have read that many people use this oil for acne. If you suffer from acne then be sure to do a google search to find the forums with sugguestions on how to use it on your acne. I do know that it is suggested to clean and steam your face very well before applying it to acne as you don't want excess oil. You also want to talk to your doctor for suggestions.

Remember that the TYPE of coconut oil you use is very important!! Be sure you buy and use only VIRGIN ORGANIC Coconut Oil. I cannot stress this enough. There are some lesser types of coconut oil out there which are mainly used for soaps and commercial uses. Again, you want ONLY Virgin Organic. There are many good brands out there. I've bought Spectrum Naturals, Nutiva, and Emerald Laboratories at my local grocery and health food stores, but you can also purchase some great brands online. I have a few brands for sale here at the STORE.

I personally trust Dr. Mercola's products. His Virgin Shores Coconut Oil is 100% Virgin Organic. It is made from FRESH GREEN COCONUTS -- opened less than 48 hours after they are picked from the trees. They are grown and processed organically, without potentially harmful fertilizers, additives, or chemical solvents -- resulting in a pure, natural, unrefined, and highly stable oil. You can purchase directly from Dr. Mercola here or by clicking the banner below. Let me pass on a story Dr. Mercola told (by-the-way, every word is true!). Back in the 1940s, farmers found out about the metabolism-stimulating effects of this amazing oil purely by accident. They thought it would be a good idea to use inexpensive coconut oil to fatten up their livestock. Well, to their surprise it didn't work. Instead, it made the animals lean and active!

You and I have fallen victim to erroneous information about tropical oils. We’ve been led to believe they’re the “evil enemy” when it comes to heart health and obesity, but that is just not true. Dr. Mercola feels we’re actually doing ourselves a great disservice by not using it everyday!

As I mentioned, I trust Dr. Mercola's products and to be completely honest -- Dr. Mercola IS one of my beauty secrets! This man really cares about what you put on and in your body. He is also endorsed by celebrity, Mariel Hemingway. The good news is that he has a great FREE newsletter that I subscribe to and read faithfully. I encourage you to subscribe to his free newsletter if you want some more great free NATURAL health and beauty tips.'s Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

For those of you who cringed and imagined me downing it by the spoonful when I mention that I eat coconut oil each day, here are a few coconut oil recipes I really enjoy. I happen to love the taste of coconut but even if you don't you may find you like it in recipes such as these:

1.) For Breakfast: Spread it on some healthy whole grain breakfast toast and top with raw honey or agave nectar - yummy! This my favorite and so easy.

2.) Lunch or afternoon snack: Mix it in a healthy smoothie: Combine nonfat milk or yogurt, a small banana, a little protien powder, powdered greens, fresh flax seeds and/or walnuts, almonds, or raw cacoa beans, and 1 tbsp coconut oil. You can add cinnamon and vanilla and/or cocao powder if you want. Be creative! Blend well and enjoy. (If you want a thinner smoothie, try adding coconut water to it. I outline the benefits of coconut water below.)

3.) Cook a delicious dinner with it: Sautee fish or chicken in a skillet with coconut oil and squeeze in lime juice as you go. Sprinkle with garlic powder (or use fresh garlic while sauteeing) and add in fresh or dried herbs to taste. The flavor of the coconut with the lime juice is sooo heavenly! Serve with rice and veggies and top with the oil instead of butter.

Are you a coconut fan like me? Do you have any coconut skin care beauty tips or coconut oil recipes to share? If so, please SHARE THEM HERE. One reader shared a GREAT coconut oil beauty tip for luxuriously soft feet!

Coconut oil is said to be the best oil for diabetics - especially Type 2. Many people also use a coconut oil detox and report great results. You can use the search tab on this site to do a search for coconut oil detox if you are interested in further information. I personally have used it in place of castor oil when doing a detox and it worked great. As always, consult your doctor before doing any detox!

Also, for pet owners, you can successfully use coconut oil for dogs. Again, a quick google search will confirm this. Apparently, most dogs love the taste of it and you can rub it on sores or dry patches of skin. Of course, talk to your vet about this first if you have concerns.

Oh yes, one more thing...Not only is this oil a great conditioner for your hair, but I have also read that coconut oil and lemon juice massaged into your scalp daily can help get rid of grey hair. You have to be faithful to do this each day until you see results.

(As a side note, I also read that eating 1-2 TBSPs of Unsulphered organic blackstrap molasses can reverse grey hair after 6 months or so. This is due to the fact that blackstrap molasses is high in copper and apparently a copper deficiency is a cause for greying hair. Since I am now starting to notice grey hairs myself, I am doing a bit of research on the subject. Also I know that castor oil is great for hair regrowth, so soon you may see a whole page on grey hair and hair thickening remedies here at! Yummy - I'm already thinking recipes - waffles with coconut oil and blackstrap molasses for breakfast anyone?!! ;-))

In the meantime, if you know of ANY remedies for grey and thinning hair (hair loss) - PLEASE SHARE THEM HERE and you will end up with your own page published on this site! (Please not that I will most likely edit your content for typos, etc. so don't worry about that part - just send it in! I will also add photos if you don't have any. So, be sure to include your name so that you get credit for the article!


So, now on to coconut water. Just like the oil, the water from coconuts is extremely good for you, as well. It must be the water from the fresh green coconut, though (some people mistakenly call this water 'coconut milk').

Brazilian beauty and super model Alessandra Ambrosio says she drinks coconut water and loves the taste. So, coconut water is also a super model beauty secret.

Just a handful of the great health benefits of coconut water are:

- It matches our bodies plasma so closely it is actually used in IVs to save lives in third world countries and was also said to be used during the Pacific war to save soldiers!

- Coconut water is very high in electrolytes (MUCH better than any sports drinks I know of).

- It is low in fat and no cholesterol

- Coconut water is high in lauric acid (just like the oil)

- Also, low in sodium and sugar

I have not been able to find fresh green coconuts for water in my local grocery store (maybe because I live in the Northeast) but I have found some good prepackaged cans and pouches of coconut water. You can call your local stores to see if they carry it or if you are interested, I have posted some coconut COCONUT WATER FOR SALE HERE.

I do my best to provide in my store ALL of the products I mention on this site - in case you are anything like me and just have to try something once you read about it! So, when you go to the Store page, if you do not see what you are looking for on the very first page, either scroll through the pages or just use the search box to the right of the products.

As always, if you have any stories or beauty secrets to share about the benefits of coconut water or oil, we'd love for you to share them with us.

Three cheers for the coconut - God sure knew what he was doing when He created our monkey-faced health 'nut'! ;-)

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