Celebrity Diet Secrets - for that picture-perfect bod!

Many people want to know celebrity diet secrets so that they, too, can have a fabulous body. Celebrities spark off more than just controversies and fashion trends. Celebrity diets, too, are constantly under public gaze. And why not?! As long as it is healthy for you and you've consulted your doctor then there are many diets out there to choose from.

When we have a healthy body we feel good and we are taking care of ourselves as we should. We all want to be trim and fit our clothes nicely and the passport to this end is often a diet endorsed by some enviably-shaped Hollywood celebrity.

Celebrity diet secrets are characterized by a low calorie regime, as our most diets. While each one is fundamentally different from the other, the quintessential celebrity diets greatest lure remains the promise of quick results. This explains the soaring popularity of the various diets and the obsession of the masses with what the stars are eating, or rather, not eating.

But remember, we still must eat as our body needs a certain amount of calories just to stay alive. We just need to eat the right kinds of foods and use portion control. Please, never ever think of starving yourself. You do way more harm than good - too skinny is NOT sexy!

There are many celebrity diet secrets doing rounds in the Hollywood circles. Amongst them, the Zone Diet has retained its popularity ever since its inception. I've always been a big fan of the Zone Diet and celebrities like Brad Pitt, Matt LeBlanc and Madonna swear by its meal plans built around a 40-30-30 distribution ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat and customized for each person’s gender, lifestyle and percentage of body fat present.

Some other immensely popular diets of the stars are the South Beach and the Atkins diets. Followed by none other than the Clintons, the South Beach Diet was originally intended for overweight heart patients. Relying not merely on any one kind of food group and banishing others completely, the South Beach diet achieves a healthy balance between the right kinds of carbs, fats and lean proteins.

The celebrity diet secret to Catherine Zeta-Jones’s return to her curvaceous form post-motherhood and Calista Flockhart’s vivacity is their strict adherence to the Atkins Diet. A high-fat and high-protein diet, the Atkins plan restricts consumption of carbohydrates, which are believed to lead to over-production of insulin that causes increase in body weight.

Sharon Stone’s owes her drop-dead gorgeous looks in “Basic Instinct” to the Sugar Buster Diet, another celebrity diet secret steadily catching on with the masses and the movie stars. In this diet, refined sugar products like pasta, white flour, cakes, candies and potatoes are a strict no-no and there are strict guidelines as to which foods to steer clear off.

There are countless numbers of other celebrity diet secrets that are the rage today. Post-Bridget Jones, Renee Zellweger returned to shape with the Hamptons Diet while the Duchess of York, Sarah or the adorable “Fergie” to the British, has endorsed both Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers diets. Jennifer Hudson has really slimmed down using Weight Watchers, as well. She also endorses my favorite beauty food - the most decilious diet muffin of all time: Vitalicous Chocolate Muffins! Julia Roberts’s sparkling eyes, flashing smile, flawless skin and a toned body are the fallouts of the Dr. Perricone Diet while the Nutrisystem* diet is believed to have taken 25 pounds off of the winners of the reality show “The Swan”.

To achieve the streamlined and powerful form of Lara Croft, Angelina Jolie subsisted on a diet of steamed sea bass, beef, vegetables, and soy milk; While Jennifer Lopez’s pulsating dance routines are backed by a healthy balanced diet comprising all kinds of foods. J. Lo is a teetotaler and a non-smoker and says that when she has to lose weight, she just cuts down on her carbohydrate intake.

Celebrity diet secrets promise a lot and in return demand a high level of perseverance and determination to stick to the diet.

*Although I'm not a celebrity, I personally recommend Nutrisystem. Marie Osmond and many other celebrities have endorsed Nutrisystem over the years. In three months, I went from 151 lbs. (my post-post-baby weight) to 130 lbs. (yes, a 21 lb. loss). I'm only 5 lbs away from the weight I was in my 20s. (You can see how thin I was then here. Red bikini, here I come! Yes, I saved that bikini in hopes of getting back into it one day -- so wish me luck on those next 5 lbs!)

Seriously, I have found Nutrisystem to be very easy and I am full all the time. It's also getting me to drink more water which I admit I was terrible at doing. They also have a high fiber Double-Chocolate Muffin but I find the Vitalicous brand is more delicious and less expense. Try one for breakfast with a skim milk latte sweetened with Xylitol. Yummy!

Here's to your success in finding what works for you! May you have the body you've always dreamed of!

If you have any diet secrets you'd like to share with our readers, please be sure to submit them HERE and you will end up with your own page here at www.total-beauty-secrets.com.

So, go ahead and share a success story for all to benefit from.

Feel free to share before and after pics, too, to motivate others!

Don't be quiet... share your diet!

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