Beauty Pageant Secrets – Here she is, Miss America!

Are you looking for beauty pageant secrets because you hope to one day win this crown? Or just look like a beauty pageant winner? Well, we've got some great beauty pageant tips for you! Read on...

There was a time where little girls used to dream of knights in shining armor sweeping them off their feet. Now they dream of sweeping the world off its feet with their beauty. And the passport to their dreams? Beauty pageants, of course. The Miss Universe and the Miss World competitions are attracting girls by the hordes, all hoping to crack the beauty pageant secrets.

Beauty pageants honor the natural and intrinsic beauty of the contestants. Thus beauty pageant tips are all about not going overboard with your makeup and attire. The idea is that your personal embellishments should only enhance your beauty and personality and not overwhelm them.

Similarly in the question and answer round, which is usually the clincher. Your answers should be straight from the heart and should reflect what you are and not what is politically correct. Don't flub a pagaent question again! Read the ebook written by a former beauty queen and current pageant coach: CLICK HERE FOR MORE BEAUTY PAGEANT TIPS FROM A PAGEANT WINNER! WIN YOUR NEXT PAGEANT! The oft-repeated tip regarding beauty pageant make-up secret is keep the look natural. Emphasize your strong points. Thus pink skin tones look best in reds and pinks, oranges and browns complement orangey tones. A bit of corrective make-up to conceal a pimple or the crow’s feet is recommended. Check out the video below for some great tips!:

For the talent round, and especially for those who intend to go for a dance routine, dab a bit of powder over your make-up to avoid that shiny face. Body make-up during the swimsuit competition is advised by all beauty pageant secret tips and liberal doses of sunblock when you go for outdoor shoots or swimsuit rounds held by the pool. Remember, that just-back-from-the-beach tan looks good only when you are actually back from the beach.

The conventional “pageant hair style” has gone out of vogue. What’s in are flaunting special hair types like curly or short hairs. If your natural hair look is frizzy, it would look better that way than an over-the-top hair-do with bells and whistles.

For the swimsuit round, hair worn loose is the ideal beauty pageant secret. While your evening gown will dictate what your hairstyle will be. That whether you will wear your hair in a tight bun or loose will be determined by whether the gown is high-necked or low-backed. For the vertically challenged, a swimsuit that is cut high on the leg and high heels will just take you that extra mile with an illusion of height.

But the pre-requisites for successful make-up and hairstyles are healthy skin and hair. A good base can carry off any make-up and style with élan.

This beauty pageant secret goes hand-in-hand with your personal hygiene matters too. A well-groomed appearance will set off even the simplest of gowns and jewelry so that you look elegant and ravishing at all times.

Thus take care of your pearly whites with regular floss and a visit to the dentist to correct any flaws. Dab some Vaseline petroleum jelly on your teeth to keep them from drying out during all that smiling! This way, they will also look shiny and perfectly in tune with all the sparkle and shine of your attire. Ensure that you smile all the way to the crown.

Sport immaculate manicured and pedicured hands and feet. Beige, tan, peach or pink are the nail colors that are the rage for a soft, feminine look. Good hygienic practices also extend to regular waxing.

Go in for simple pearls and not look like a glam doll dripping in diamonds. However, the best jewelry is surely poise and confidence. These will carry off to perfection any style you are sporting.

Rome was not built in a day. The beauty pageant secrets too will require you to be sincere, diligent and determined.

Be sure to visit the Aishwarya Rai page for her beauty tips. Ash was crowned Miss World in 1994. Also, check out another celebrity beauty queen's tips: Halle Berry!

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