Beauty Foods--Delicious and nutritious
beauty from the inside!


I put any food that is delicious and good for me in the beauty foods category. Why? Because we are at our most beautiful when we are at our healthiest, of course.

Good diet foods don't have to be bland when they are beauty foods. Did you know that one brazil nut has all the selenium you need for the day? Instead of a supplement from a bottle, why not eat just one of these delicious nuts?

My all-time favorite delicious and healthy diet food, though, is hands-down the chocolate muffin I have each morning with my latte. Yes, you heard right!

Okay, so we all think losing weight is difficult and we always feel deprived, right? WRONG!!!


My favorite all-time diet chocolate muffin (which DOES NOT TASTE like it's a diet product at all!) is made by Vitalicious: Better-For-You 100 Calorie Baked Goods .

They are called Vitalicious because not only are these products delicious but they are also packed with Vitamins AND Fiber. Would you believe that one of these muffins or yummy muffin tops has MORE FIBER THAN AN APPLE?? Talk about a beauty food!

As mentioned, I have one each morning with my coffee and, NO LIE, I am full until past noon! I have to remind myself to eat! And, I am not alone with my passion for these muffins, these treats are also a Jennifer Hudson beauty secret ! She has enjoyed these, as I have, to help maintain her succesful weight loss.

As mentioned elsewhere in this site I used Nutrisystem to lose 21 lbs. In order to maintain the weightloss and not continue to buy the expensive chocolate muffins that Nutrisystem offers, I went on a quest and found these amazing chocolate muffins.

Not only do they offer many types of chocolate flavored muffins, muffin tops, cakes, cake mixes, they also have a huge list of other flavors. I just tried the Banana Nut Muffins and have to say I was not disappointed. The Vitalicious quality and taste was right there in this product, too. (The chocolate muffins are still my fave as I am an admitted choco-holic!)

So, the good news I want to send to you is this: I had been buying these muffins at my local grocery store and then I found out that Vitalicious sells straight to the consumer through their website and they have some amazing deals there.

They have also just come out with a 100 calorie egg and cheese breakfast muffin - I can't wait to try it!! I encourage anyone - whether on a diet or not - to try the delicious and HEALTHY offerings from Vitalicous. Your tastebuds and THIGHS will thank them! LOL...I know MINE do.

You can click on the banner below to go to their website and check out all their tasty offerings. Also, click on the box in the bottom right column to learn about getting a FREE SAMPLE through FaceBook!


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