Greetings beautiful friends,

We are excited to let you know that you can now subscribe to the feed for the Total Beauty Secrets BLOG! This is just one more way you can be the first to know of any new beauty tips posted to the site.

So, besides the Blog, here is what's new:

1.) We have just added two new celebrity beauty secrets pages:

~ Halle Berry's beauty secrets. Halle is obviously a natural beauty but she also uses one of my favorite natural homemade beauty secrets!

~ Victoria Beckham's beauty secrets. Some of you may have already heard this but it is worth repeating - Victoria uses BIRD DROPPINGS for her skin! Yes, you heard right. You can GET ALL THE DETAILS HERE... and don't laugh, because I just bought a bottle myself from Japan! I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival and will blog about my experiences with it....I might even post pictures if enough readers beg me to! (See below)**

2.) We have also revamped the beauty secrets videos page. This way if you only want to see the videos that are on the site, you can access them all via the BEAUTY TIPS VIDEOS PAGE. I'm always adding new ones that I find that I think are worthy.

3.) Check out the new beauty tips post by a reader about her favorite product for incredibly long and thick eyelashes. I use this particular brand myself and just love it. We'd love to hear from you with your feedback on this one! (I'd especially appreciate your suggestions if you know of a less expensive brand that works just as good!)

SUBMIT YOUR OWN BEAUTY SECRET OR BEAUTY PRODUCT REVIEW and you, too, will have your own page posted at Don't worry if you don't have photos as we will add some when we edit your submission.

Remember, don't be greedy - share the beauty! :) Be proud and be published!

**OK, I just came up with a great idea as I was typing this newsletter. Because I am excited to hear from everyone regarding their favorite beauty tip...if enough readers post their beauty tips, I will post a picture of myself with my geisha facial...aka bird droppings...on my face! Now, what more could you ask for?!! ;-)***

So, send those tips in!

To your total beauty...



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What an impressive site you have! You are indeed successful in delivering helpful tips...

-D.L., Miami, FL, U.S.

I love the tips you send!

-V.K., Bangalore, India

Fabulous site! Thank you for sharing.

-Patrica S., U.S.

I have always wondered how models can wear tops with out a bra and still have cleavage. I read your secret about tape...!

-Tracy H., Georgia, U.S.

I really do need your beauty tips and also care for the skin. Thanking you for these tips...!

-Sincerely, Sarah - Trinidad & Tobago

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