Hi All,

First, let me start by sending my apologies for not sending an issue sooner. I went on hiatus to spend some time with my wonderful six-year old son. :)

So, now I am back and happy to be writing to you. As a reward for being a subscriber to the ezine, YOU will get the beauty tips before they are published at www.total-beauty-secrets.com or you will be notified as soon as I post some new information!

So, today, I want to let you know about two new features at the site, as well as a great new beauty pageant beauty tips video and a new page on the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil and coconut water!

The first feature is one that I am SO very excited about because I love hearing from YOU and now I have a great form on the site for you to submit your own favorite beauty secret. You can even upload pictures if you want. Once I approve your submission, you will have your own page published with your name and location (if you wish) and you can send a link to let your family and friends know that you are a published author at www.total-beauty-secrets.com! :) You can submit your favorite beauty secret or read others' tips here.

The next new feature is the addition of Social Media and "Pay it Forward" buttons at the bottom of each page. I hope you find these useful and, of course, I definitely appreciate it when you "Pay it forward!" (See the bottom of any page on the site for more details.)

So, onto the new video! Are you ready for some GREAT beauty pageant beauty secrets? Wait until you see where these women put Preparation H and Visine!! Let's just say it's not where the manufacturers intended! :) But, I must admit I tried the Visine beauty tip already and IT WORKS! I was just about to throw away a bottle of the stuff because my eye doctor told me not to use it in my eyes anymore. Wow, who knew I would keep it in my purse for an entirely different reason?! I definitely love this new secret! Click here to watch the beauty pageant winners' beauty tips video!!

Lastly, I have added a whole page on the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil and coconut water. Some of you already know what a big fan I am of coconut oil. Actually, before typing this to you I had just finished massaging my scalp and hair with it and dabbing it on my lips! Mmmmm...love that smell and taste. :) Read here about all of the amazing benefits from the oil and water of the prized coconut.

Of course, some of you already know the beauty benefits of coconut oil and I have already received a great beauty tip from a reader right after putting up the form. She shares a great way to use coconut oil for baby soft feet. I love what she wraps her feet in! ;-) Again, you can read that tip here or submit your own beauty secret.

I look forward to hearing from you!

To your total beauty...



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What an impressive site you have! You are indeed successful in delivering helpful tips...

-D.L., Miami, FL, U.S.

I love the tips you send!

-V.K., Bangalore, India

Fabulous site! Thank you for sharing.

-Patrica S., U.S.

I have always wondered how models can wear tops with out a bra and still have cleavage. I read your secret about tape...!

-Tracy H., Georgia, U.S.

I really do need your beauty tips and also care for the skin. Thanking you for these tips...!

-Sincerely, Sarah - Trinidad & Tobago

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