Jennifer Lopez Beauty Secrets

One of Jennifer Lopez beauty secrets is that she swears by moisturizing her skin continuously – in the morning, at night before bed, and after the shower – to maintain that healthy glow.

Supposedly, Cocoa Butter is her moisturizer of choice. It’s been rumored that J. Lo once demanded a Body Shop store open after hours because she desperately needed a jar of their Body Shop Body Butter! (Of which Victoria Beckham is reportedly a fan, too.)

J Lo is no doubt a natural beauty and prefers to look that way, opting for nude shades on her lips and eyes.

Scott Barnes, a celebrity makeup artist (and creator of the wonderful celebrity favorite beauty secret: Body Bling ) has a beauty secret for Jennifer Lopez's beautiful eyebrows: he mixes a bit of hair wax with gold shimmer eyeshadow and applies it with an old mascara wand to set the brows in place and give a great evening look.

Jennifer Lopez claims that she doesn’t have many crazy beauty secrets except...KRISPY KREME DONUTS! keep her derriere, shall we say, healthy! Now THAT is a beauty secret that I WISH worked on me...I've never met a donut that I didn't like!

Lastly, for her beautiful straight hair look, Jennifer's beauty secret is the GHD flat iron.

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