European Beauty Secrets

European beauty secrets evoke curiosity and wonder in women from other parts of the world. European beauty through the ages has been adorned in poems and songs and the women from these parts have enthralled the men by their grace and rare charm.

European women take their beauty seriously and their quest for ethereal beauty has led them to experiment throughout the centuries. Thus in the early days, the obsession with curves and narrow waists led to women adopting the corset.

Nicole Kidman may have popularized it in Moulin Rouge, but corsets were almost the norm in Europe once. Women also had their faces painted with mercury to look beautiful.

European beauty secrets are now no longer so harsh. In fact, European beauty tips now emphasize the increasing use of natural beauty products and natural beauty therapies. And they also insist on getting the basics right.

Thus the all-out stress is on a cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine, 8-10 hours of sleep every night, healthy dietary habits, and drinking copious quantities of water daily.

However, European beauty secrets also advise on the use of facials once in a while. And there’s no dearth of good facials in Europe to give you that radiance. These facial masks promise a range of beauty and corrective treatments like wrinkle control, firming and anti-aging.

In particular, the French anti-aging treatments using natural algae hormones are the rage with their hydrating, skin lightening, and toning properties.

A typical European facial consists a thorough cleansing routine, a gentle peel that reveals a soft, supple skin, followed by a languid face, neck and shoulder massage to leave of feeling invigorated. In short, one and a half hours of pure indulgence.

Amongst all the European beauty secrets, the seaweed body treatment is probably the safest. Heated to body temperature and smothered over your body, the seaweed helps to relieve stress, muscle soreness and pampers your skin like nothing else.

European beauty secrets promise you the world in terms of skin and body care. Apart from a glowing skin, you are guaranteed to emerge with sparkling eyes sans bags and dark circles, all courtesy the various eye firming and detoxifying treatments.

Other popular European facials are the aromatherapy ones that work upon the skin with a restful cleansing, steaming, toning and hydrating routine. Then there are the oxygen facials that clean the skin and brighten the complexion and the very popular kaolin facials that work wonders for the acne-prone skin.

Soft curls framing the face to give it a ‘touch-me-not’ fragile look or a crown of tight curls that speak of a delightfully friendly nature. The curls of many European women are the objects of desire, envy and admiration for many.

European beauty tips insist on the use of specialized curly hair shampoos and conditioners for this type of hair. These shampoos are known to prevent the dryness, tangling and other curly hair related problems. Some good quality products also protect the sensitive hair against the ravages of heat, moisture and cold.

European beauty secrets are also particular about the way hair should be cut. Thus the beauty salons of London, Rome, Paris and Moscow swear by their razor cut technique which blunts the ends of your hair to give it more shape.

The “hot haircut” technique, the closely guarded secret of an Indian hairdresser is causing ripples across the European beauty circuit. In this technique, candle flames are used to smooth the hair and counter the damages wrought by scissors.

These comprehensive beauty tips are not stopgap solutions. Rather, if followed diligently, they ensure beauty that is captivating forever.

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