Brazilian Beauty Secrets exposed!

It's always good to know a few Brazilian beauty secrets as the women of Brazil are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful in the world!

My most favorite Brazilian beauty secret is one that my good friend from Brazil shared with me years ago. It's called "sugaring" and it is the way that Brazilian women remove unwanted body hair.

The "Brazilian wax" is usually referring to the "Brazilian bikini wax". This sugaring mixture can be used for Brazilian bikini waxing, upper lip waxing, eyebrow waxing, forearm waxing, underarm waxing, leg waxing, etc.

It's basically waxing done at home with a simple homemade recipe. Simply boil some sugar in water with a little lemon juice. Allow the mixture to cool enough to apply to the unwanted hair.

Use the mixture as you would with any hair removal wax. Cut old bed sheets into strips and press them down over the sugar solution on your skin. Hold surrounding skin taught and PULL!

Anyone who has ever tried waxing before knows that it is not painless! I prefer to do this with a friend. Not only can you laugh through the pain together but it's easier when someone else is pulling the strip...especially on those hard to reach areas!

A few tips I suggest are to exfoliate the area well a couple of hours before waxing, use ice in a cloth to reduce swelling, and exfoliate the area in the days following the waxing to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

If you don't feel like cooking up a batch of sugaring wax on your own stove, there are many "sugaring" or Brazilian waxing kits for sale here.

Other Brazilian beauty secrets that I particularly like for their simplicity (and the fact that they are all-natural and inexpensive beauty treatments) are the use of beach sand and coffee grounds as exfoliants and cellulite reducers.

The coffee grounds beauty secret is mentioned a few times on this site as it is one of my favorite natural beauty secrets and also reportedly one of Halle Berry's beauty secrets!

If you spend a lot of time at the beach then the beach sand cellulite reduction trick is a no-brainer for you.

So, next time you're just sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun, don't just sit like the women of Brazil do and start rubbing some sand into your suntan oil.

I did this over the summer. I basically buried myself in the sand from my stomach down and continually massaged my body with the beach sand. It felt so nice.

Also, be sure to rub you feet vigorously into the sand and then against one another for a great natural foot exfoliation treatment. Your feet and you thighs will thank you!

If you're not close to the beach, try Lush's Sandstone Bar which was inspired by these Brazilian beauties!

If you are spending the day in the sun and sand, don't forget to stay hydrated using the super model beauty secret from Brazilian model and Victoria Secret "Angel" Alessandra Ambrosio-- coconut water! Lastly, a great Brazilian beauty secret for soft skin and hair is babassu oil. This oil comes from the kernels of the Babassu palm trees which grow in Northern Brazil. Babassu oil is similar to coconut oil!

If you've read other pages on this site, then you know that we are big fans of coconut oil and natural products. So, babassu oil and all of these natural Brazilian beauty secrets get a big thumbs-up from!

Do you have any Brazilian or other global beauty secrets you'd like to share?
What IS your favorite beauty secret or product...

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