Asian Beauty Secrets – Getting Behind Those Captivating Looks

For centuries the Asian beauty secrets and the exotic beauty of the Persian princesses, the delicate charm of the Chinese and Japanese girls and the enchanting loveliness of the Indian women have spawned countless legends and have had the West mesmerized.

So naturally there is a lot of curiosity regarding what the Asian women apply on their skin and hair, what do they use for make up, that is about Asian beauty secrets in general.

There is nothing much secretive about the Asian beauty tips. It is just that they are fundamentally different from those followed in the West.

Thus Asian beauty tips regarding skin care rely fundamentally on natural products, more specifically on products from the kitchen counter, while in the make-up arena, the difference is in the hues and shades used.


Asian women and particularly Indian and women of the Middle East are noted for their extremely beautiful eyes. And with a little definition, these eyes simply look ethereal. Thus a dash of pale green, cool gray or peach colored eye shadow, a forest green or brown eyeliner or kohl smudged for a smoky eyed look are the oft-advised Asian beauty tips on eye makeup.

Make-up artist Michelle Phan has a great Asian beauty tip video tutorial showing you how to apply eye make-up for the smoky-eyed look for Asian eyes. (I LOVE this look!)

Asian women typically don’t possess a peaches and cream complexion. Their skin tones range from porcelain to various tones of yellow. And except for the milky-white complexion, the conventional pink toned foundations and powders don’t work well with most of them.

Asian complexions demand make-up products with yellow undertones, which impart a more natural unblemished look. For such complexions, pale apricot, plum and dusty pink blushes are the best as these colors brighten the complexion and impart a subtle radiance to the skin.

Asian beauty secrets profess plum hues with red, brown or mauve undertones for lips that speak volumes. Beiges and pink mauves also complement Asian looks.

Asian women have hair that is generally thicker than that of the rest of the world’s population. Hence they do not take well to lightening and generally end up looking garish. However, this thickness enables Asian women to experiment with various flattering haircuts.

A preference for all things natural is evident in the Asian beauty tips practiced in the spas. Here you will find beauty treatments like detoxification with pure sea salts, the use of milk, yogurt, papaya and buttermilk as skin softeners and various aromatherapy oils like lavender, ylang-ylang, sandalwood and rosemary.

Also high on the natural beauty tips list is the white camellia nut oil, widely used by the Japanese women for hydrating and softening the skin. It is especially beneficial for treating pregnancy-related stretch marks (Titanic star Kate Winslet had used it) and inducing hair growth. It is also popular as a facial oil.

Speaking of Japanese beauty tips, be sure to check out the "geisha facial" aka nightingale droppings used by celebrity Victoria Beckham!

Seaweed is a popular presence in the Japanese beauty tips. It possesses excellent cleansing and toning properties and is reputed to impart an ethereal glow to the skin.

The Chinese beauty tips swear by their white tea, green tea, and oolong tea, with their much-publicized anti-aging and weight-loss properties.

Asian beauty secrets are actually quite simple to follow and they are becoming increasingly popular as a means to achieve that rare Asian charm and grace.

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