Coconut Oil Foot Wrap
for baby soft feet!

by Juleen F.
(Los Angeles, CA)

I have used my favorite beauty secret for a couple of years now after reading about the benefits of coconut oil.

1.) Apply generous amounts of raw virgin coconut oil to both your feet.
2.) Put each foot into a plastic bag and tie loosely at the top. (I just use the shopping bags I get from the grocery store.)
3.) Lastly, put big, warm, thick, woolen, loose socks on your feet to hold the bags in place and also so you don't slip if trying to walk!
4.) Go to bed and sleep through the night with the oil/bags/socks on.
5.) Remove socks and bags in the morning and wipe off any excess oil if necessary. You'll be amazed how soft your feet can be. Whenever I do this I feel like a new person!

For even better results, do this wrap after taking a warm bath and/or exfoliating your feet with a Ped-Egg or similar product.

CAUTION: Even with the socks on your feet it may be a bit slippery inside so please be careful if you get up during the night! Or, if you don't feel you can do this safely, be sure to take the socks and bags off and wipe you feet well with a towel before walking. By the way, coconut oil is said to be non-staining so your towels should be fine.

I hope you like my coconut oil beauty secret.

Thanks, Juleen, we DO like this beauty tip! As a big fan of coconut oil, I recommend the virgin coconut oil sold in the Total Beauty Secrets Store or Dr. Mercola's Fresh Shores virgin coconut oil. Not only is coconut oil great for the skin but it is the BEST OIL to cook with! To read more about coconut oil and coconut water, visit the coconut oil and coconut water health and beauty benefits page.

To your health and beauty!'s Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

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for baby soft feet!

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Oct 12, 2010
I love this!
by: Anonymous

I used to do foot wraps using moisturizer and then putting socks on before bed but I love this idea using the plastic bags to keep the oil on your skin. Without the bags the oil or lotions were really just absorbing into the socks! Thanks so much for the beauty tip. :)

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